Ominihub is a robust platform that uses Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, industry prescribed technologies and standards to automate and provide advanced verification, validation, cross-referencing, insights, and trackable history. It improves the efficiency and efficacy of the verification and validation process while removing the need for paper-based validation. It also reduces the duration and expense of the validation period. It integrates both validation and verification stages to simplify the validation and verification process. Our system helps to enforce standards and policies through history-tracking.

Intelligent Real-time locating system (iRTLS)

Our Intelligent Real-Time Location System uses analytics and location data to build a secure working atmosphere with distress warnings, providing a fast and efficient response to personnel duress circumstances and lowering the risk of distress incidents. It also allows nurses a hands-free approach to receiving calls and automates report creation and nurse-calling events in real-time. It also provides turn by turn navigation to a user’s destination in real-time. 

It also improves outpatient flow and uses location data to monitor, identify, and manage the spread of viruses. It also automates wealth management and offers real-time asset monitoring. 

The intelligent real-time location system also increases security monitoring by providing for real-time guest tracking, which decreases the chances of a visitor having access to sensitive information. It also uses data to maximize real estate space by optimizing facility floor planning around the right number and type of meeting rooms and improving facility planning based on occupancy and GSF/employee KPIs.


A membership network that offers business tools to content owners to operate a subscription service.  Fanbase allows users to financially help and reward content creators—such as musicians through a mobile and web application. It also allows musicians and creatives to gain a monthly income by offering discounts and services to their subscribers. Creators and celebrities can see and appreciate their die-hard fans.

Church Master

This is a software solution that allows churches to properly handle their membership, events, and engage their members. The churches can have access to a platform where they can keep track of their attendees, events, bible studies, and reports. Members with a registered account have access to a smartphone application that keeps them up to date.  Churches may use this suite to produce comprehensive data about anything from attendance to how funds are used.


Ntoboa is a crowdfunding platform where tens of thousands of other people, just like you, donate to the same fund. Ntoboa allows you to automate transactions into whatever account you choose. For example, for an organization’s monthly dues, Ntoboa automates payments and asks you to confirm payments with your pin before transfers are finalized. With Ntoboa, you can build groups, save and share returns in turns. Ntoboa has made raising huge amounts of money simple and stress-free.


LogicEPG is a software that helps broadcasting corporations to organize their activities and make it available to their clients. It is consistent, reliable, simple to set up, and works on both analog and digital channels. It can be accessed on a variety of devices. Connecting viewers to their favorite program, movie, or station has never been simpler.

Machine Learning

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Augmented Reality

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