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Virtual Assistants are propelling the world with astounding levels of automation that drive productivity up and costs down. New advancements of technology are upgrading today’s traditional chatbots to advanced virtual assistants. Chatbots are a manifestation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) via the simulation of conversation with human users. If we look at digital transformation technologies as (sets of) technologies that enable, drive and accelerate digital transformation, business creation/change opportunities, and improvements in the ways we work, live, entertain ourselves and connect, the Internet of Things are the most impactful and vast of them all. 



Augmented and virtual reality are providing fresh methods for a more inclusive future within both the government and education sectors. With the exponential acceleration of digital technologies and the proliferation of smartphones, augmented reality and VR are finally poised to have a real impact on critical aspects of our society. The advent of increasingly capable smartphones, together with inexpensive headsets like Google cardboard, has opened a new era for all kinds of digital reality. Partner with us let’s position your business for the future. 


Web, Mobile and App development services are the core of our business. We provide a wide range of professional services in the development of applications of any complexity. Our highly talented team endeavors to develop applications that can become an invaluable asset for your company. We provide a complete and comprehensive solution for all phases inclusive of design, development, deployment, and maintenance. We feel that by being a full-service company, we are able to provide our clients with a complete understanding of Web, Mobile, and Apps. We believe that success lies in maintaining open communication and involvement with our clients through each phase of development. We will make every attempt to understand your business and your customers. Our goal is to translate your vision into reality by being
your technology partners. 


We believe that success lies in maintaining open communication and involvement with our clients through each phase of development. We will make every attempt to understand your business and your customers. Our goal is to translate your vision into reality by being your technology partners. Nowadays every company measures their performance through customer experience, a cloud-enabled and cloud-delivered business model supports organizations to adopt newer channels to offer high-level customer experience by differentiating its strategy and solutions over the current market competitors. With highly skilled and experienced cloud
resources on all the major cloud service providers, Afrilogic Solutions is your preferred Cloud Solutions Partner. 


Providing competitively priced software outsourcing services is what we specialize in. Businesses are evolving and becoming more and more demanding. We have the expertise and resources in delivering high-quality outsourcing services in Software Development at very competitive pricing structures for companies worldwide. Our well-defined and tested processes have enabled us to transition into offering a wide range of services by sustaining the same quality, effectiveness, and responsiveness that define our service standards. Our team consists of the right mix of expertise and skills to outsource your requirement efficiently to your satisfaction. We give below our best pricing where you can choose from our large pool of expert engineers, designers and get the best of the breed personnel. We also offer various offshore relationship models to Marketing companies, Computer Software & Web Development firms in building profitable outsourcing partnership with us.


As a Microsoft Certified Training and Learning partner, Afrilogic Solutions provides Instructor led training both virtual and in-person of Official Microsoft Courses and other Technology related training including Oracle Corel and Adobe Technologies.



Afrilogic Solutions has abundance of experience and technical savoir faire in the integration of business software and processes. Our team has a solid experience from short problem solving activities to large integration solutions, where we have implemented efficiency and
structure in the integration environment. Our experience in system architecture is well suited for implementing an architecture that does not bog down the company but instead ensures that the company can enjoy an IT-architecture that delivers on the demands of the business.


With our quest to provide world class solutions to meet the growing needs of digital transformation and the need to digitize operations and service provision, we have bespoke solutions engineered in the areas of data aggregation, church management, fan base management and many more.


We understand what it takes to put the right technology in place to ensure a maximum return on your investments. Let Afrilogic Solutions help you with a holistic overview to enable you in creating a vision for the future and reach consensus on investment priorities and information technology strategies for all major constituencies. Importantly, we focus on aligning these strategies and investment priorities with the immediate, short-term, and long-range goals of your organization. Finally, moving from alignment to action, your information technology strategies are translated into a detailed 

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